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The World is Your Oyster: Custom Bracelet

The World is Your Oyster: Custom Bracelet

You know you best! Design your own bracelet (or two). Choose your stone type, stone size, add a charm if you’d like.  (Photos for inspo). If you prefer to choose by color, I can provide stone options. If you prefer to tell me what kind of energy you can really use, I will recommend some stones for you to choose from. 20% Discount provided for orders of 2 or more. 


    Genuine stone beads on a stretchy bracelet. Sizes come in Child size, Average, and Extra Average (just kidding no one’s average around here). Just lemme know whatchu need 😊. Please specify age/size of child if ordering child size. 

    All items are cleansed just before being shipped, and charged with Reiki energy.  If you have any particular intentions or requests, please feel free to include them.

    Provide as much or as little information as you'd like to create your perfect custom bracelet and we will make the magic happen!  


    1. Shipping within the US- $4.75 flat rate or FREE on orders over $75
    2. Free local pick-up- Point Loma, San Diego
PriceFrom $22.00
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