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The Dré Necklace: Harmony & Strength: Malachite

The Dré Necklace: Harmony & Strength: Malachite

"Stone of Harmony" How do we even capture the depth and beauty of this stone in a photo?  Impossible. Malachite initiates risk taking and change and cleanses us from negativity and pollutants.  Keep this stone close to your heart, as it will bring harmony and allow us to make the changes we need to encourage new ideas and perspectives.  


    Stone:  Natural Tumbled Malachite

    Wirewrap and Chain Color: Gold


    All pieces will been cleansed right before being shipped off to their forever homes, and have been infused with love.  Each will come with notes on the healing properties of its stones as well as crystal care instructions.  xo 

    You are purchasing the actual item pictured.

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