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Essential Oil Roller Blends: Kids Edition

Essential Oil Roller Blends: Kids Edition

Kid Safe Line: All blends are made with 100% pure Essential Oils and pre-mixed for your convenience with 100% pure fractionated coconut oil.  Oil types and quantities safe for proper use with children. Comes ready to be applied (extertnally) to the skin on sensory points such as wrists, neck, temples or feet. Each blend comes in a reusable 10ml rainbow glass roller bottle, with a stainless steel roller ball and silver cap for a fun, magical-smelling smooth & dreamy application. Your littles may now have a little extra calm, confidence, or pep in their step to take on their next challenges.  For honest product reviews, you can call mine, who have at least 2 in each backpack and probably a few under their pillows :-)


SPECIAL:  Buy 3 or more of any roller blend, receive 20% off.  Discount automatically applied at checkout.



    Feelin' Magical: Promotes calm, alleviates feelings of overwhelm or anxiety

    Sweet Dreams: Wind down for a peaceful slumber

    Immunity Boost: You got this one.  lollllll

  • Additional Info

    To be used externally only.  Keep out of the reach of small children.  If pregnant or under medical care, consult physician before use. 

    Essential Oil Blends are not regulated by the FDA.  

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