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Enlightened Peace & Healing Bracelets (Adult & Child Sized)

Enlightened Peace & Healing Bracelets (Adult & Child Sized)

“Stone of Power:” Matchy matchies with your favorite mini?? This stretch bracelet is available in both adult and child versions, so you can share the beautiful healing properties of these natural stones with someone who looks up to you (or you wish they would 🤷🏽‍♀️😊). Clear Crystal Quartz is our 'master healer,’ gifted by the universe to help us reach enlightenment through higher vibration. It cleanses us at every level and has the ability to enhance mental clarity and help with emotional stability. Combined with a genuine New Zealand Abalone shell which gives us a great sense of inner- peace and inner- beauty, this bracelet will bring out your strength and beauty from within.



    • Clear Crystal Quartz- 8mm
    • Peacock Abalone Shell- New Zealand

    Size:     Adult stretch & Child (Fits both my 3 and 5 year old)




    All pieces will been cleansed right before being shipped off to their forever homes, and have been infused with love.  Each will come with notes on the healing properties of its stones as well as crystal care instructions.  xo 

PriceFrom $20.00
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