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Strength to Create: Black Eye Agate Necklace- Silver

Strength to Create: Black Eye Agate Necklace- Silver

"Stone of Fortitude" This beautiful black Eye Agate stone is wirewrapped and hangs on a silver chain.  Eye agate is a rare stone, with markings of circles, creating "eyes," which are considered to ward off evil and protect those who wear it from negativity. It's a symbol of inner vision and helps us to see things from a different perspective. 


    You've been invited last minute to an event you have to look nice for... what? Does that mean I can't wear sweats?  Anyway, you're searching through your closet, and find a simple, appropriate, yet "nothing to see here," type of outfit.  Yeah, it will work just fine, but you feel the need to spice this up a bit... you could also use a boost of confidence tonight since you'll be mingling with a crowd you may not know all that well... BAM... you've got this gorgeous Black Eye Agate necklace staring at you from your dresser (get it? staring? cuz it's an EYE?)... Well it's staring lovingly.  It's like... pick me!  I'll be there to protect you, I'll be a conversation starter, and if you're nice to me I'll even boost your confidence and you'll feel that extra OOMPH to maybe even share your latest brilliant plan that you haven't told people about yet... the opportunities are endless. 


    Stone:  Black Eye Agate

    Wire Wrap and Chain:  Silver


    All pieces will been cleansed right before being shipped off to their forever homes, and have been infused with love.  Each will come with notes on the healing properties of its stones as well as crystal care instructions.  xo 

    You are purchasing the actual item pictured.

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