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The Riss Bracelet- Self Love, Passion & Tranquility

The Riss Bracelet- Self Love, Passion & Tranquility

Be prettier... you can't.  This stunning bracelet combines the powers of self love and tranquility of the natural Lilac Jasper stones, with the organic sense of inner-peace and inner-beauty provided by the natural Abalone Shell gemstone.  Combining these properties will have you feeling like a peaceful dime-piece as soon as you slip it on.  Wear it alone, stack it, doesn't matter.  Your energy will be on fire (figuratively).


    Stones:  Violet Lilac Jasper (8mm), Abalone Shell

    Size:  Adult- stretch band

    All pieces will been cleansed right before being shipped off to their forever homes, and have been infused with love.  Each will come with notes on the healing properties of its stones as well as crystal care instructions.  xo 

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