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Oh, Hi.

I don't want to start out with an un-truth.  My name isn't actually Kiwi. I chose this nickname for myself years ago because, well... it's cute, and I still haven't gotten anyone to call me by it. Now I've created this website *all by myself, I feel like I should be able to call myself Kiwi here, yeah? (did I though? Is this working? can anyone see this?...)

                                                                                          But to keep it real...  xoxo Courtney



* If it was not yet clear that I spend a lot of time around toddlers, now it is.

A Lil Intro...

What is Greycie J...(who is? who are?) Well, Greycie J is my two little nuggets' combined "celebrity name," of course.  Trace is my 5 year old son: my passionate, opinionated, yet super sensitive, beautiful soul who cherishes his own little pouch of crystals while having his future career in construction and the PGA all laid out.  Grey Lola, is my 3 year old daughter: my fiery, outgoing, badass, who will belt out a broadway tune on the fly, right after she crushes a baseball over a tree, but not before snuggling her baby doll, "Vagina" and tucking her into her crib. These two make my hair fall out and my world go 'round.  

To me, this space is about connecting...with each other, with things that make us happy, and with reality.  I believe life is amazing, magical, sparkly, unpredictable and sometimes messy... as are my creations.  I would love for anyone who visits this site to accept me as I am, as I will do for you.  I'm doing this because it brings me joy and makes me happy, not because I have intentions of making this my career or because I'm a skilled jeweler.  I have a full-time job in the medical industry which I value immensely and pays the bills... this right here, is what I do for my soul.  

Each piece you find here is unique.  There are literally no two items that will be exactly the same.  Each stone I use is hand-picked and crafted at my kitchen island (some tumbled in my own garage)! They are all genuine natural stones, so they are imperfect, just as I am.  To me, the beauty is in the asymmetrical, the weird knot, the one stone bead that's completely different from the others.  In our world, there's no such thing as a matching set of earrings.  They never match, not even a little bit. This is perfection to me. 

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"choose your magic" 


Why? Well, because why not? Why not choose magic. Here's what this means to me: we are faced with things every day... "coincidences," "how did that happens?" (thats plural, not a typo), "that was weirds," (also plural)...


I've made a personal decision to forego logical explanations for things like... a recognizable shape in the clouds, a deer stopping to make eye contact, a license plate with my brother's initials and birthday, or the book I've been searching the entire house for, falling off the bookshelf when I've just settled for a different one.  


My decision is to choose the magic in all of life's peculiar situations.  They've happened upon me not by chance, but by beautiful, purposeful destiny... because in my opinion there's no reason to not choose the magic. 

Everything I create I create because I want to, and each item is a piece of magic to me which I'm making (with love) to share with you... so that's why I'm here inviting you to choose your magic.



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